Perhaps I should call this blog KL Dance DO. It’s tough to be an observer as well as a participant, but someone has to do it!

I am the President of MyDance Alliance (http://www.mydancealliance.org/), a non-profit organisation that supports and promotes the development of dance in Malaysia. I am also the director of the dance programme at Rimbun Dahan (http://www.rimbundahan.org) which provides residencies to contemporary dance choreographers who are interested in living and working in Malaysia, in collaboration with local artists. I’ve recently taken up a position as co-chair of the Support & Development Network of World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific, for which I edit their biannual magazine Channels. I also teach the Dance Criticism elective course in the Cultural Centre at the University of Malaya.

I am interested in emerging contemporary choreographers in Malaysia and the region, as well as the intersection of dance with feminism, nationalism and transnationalism, urban identities, interculturalism, history, and a sense of place.

I like to think of myself as a professional amateur, with my fingers in many pies (including a blog about pies, actually about food and the like: mudpies.wordpress.com) and I feel privileged to have the luxury to devote myself to my hobbies, and to have a city like KL in which to do it.

— Bilqis Hijjas


3 thoughts on “About the Watcher

  1. Hi Bilqis,

    How are you? I’ve come across your website while doing a little search on the contemporary dance scene in Malaysia and really like your reviews very much! Having only recently started looking at contemporary dance, it’s an area I feel that offers so much! Was wondering if you’d be happy to share your reviews with a wider audience?

    A few friends and I run an arts blog called, ARTERI. It focuses on contemporry art in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Though it is primarily focused on the visual arts, being an arts glut that I am, I would hope to see more contemporary dance review on the website too.

    Because it is a blogging initiative, I think the tone and accessibility of your writing work very very well with ARTERI. Pop by and have a look http://www.arterimalaysia.com

    I’m more than happy to carry your reviews on it. Let me know if you’re keen. I would in fact like to interview you for the site too if it’s okay with you. Do you have an email address which I can write to?


  2. Hi Bilqis,

    My name is Lisa and I work for the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. I just wanted to contact you to make you aware of a fantastic online dance competition, MyMutation, that is currently underway and which may be of interest to your blog readers.

    MyMutation is an online dance competition, where competitors dance their take on a starter solo choreographed by Kate Champion (Director of Force Majeure) and then dance a further 20 seconds in their own style. The entries are submitted online through our YouTube competition webpage- http://www.youtube.com/sydneyoperahouse

    Entries close 10 August and the competition is open to dancers of ALL ages and styles. If you get your dance moves on early and upload your entry before August 1 you will also to go in the draw to win a SONY bloggie.

    Prizes for the winner include $2000 cash, a wonderful SONY prize pack and also the opportunity to work with Kate and dance on the forecourt of Sydney Opera House on 26 September as part of our Spring Dance Festival (expenses paid trip to Australia!).

    I hope that this interests you and some followers of KL Dance Watch. We are hoping to attract some international entries, and since the competition is purely online, location is no barrier to entering!



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